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The Ghost Protectors


The Ghost Protectors Series - Annabella Stone

M/M Military Romance 

To Love a Ghost


After playing his part in Operation Perth in Afghanistan, former Australian Special Forces Commando Cade Kelly was officially declared dead. Recruited by Rock and Grif to join their elite team of Black Ops Operators, The Ghost Protectors, he has built a new life for himself as the team’s top intel analyst. A spur of the moment decision to spend his down time in Brazil lands him in the middle of a cartel revenge war. Cade has lived and died by the gun before, he’s not afraid of war. But the man he rescues, that man, makes him wish for the one thing he swore he would never have again—love.

Dragged into his father’s cartel world of drugs, blood, and money, for most of his life, Felipe *Rio* Oseguera González has been looking for a way out. He had it beaten into him to never trust a cop—even if you are paying him. But with his life on the line, the only one he can trust is the badass blond commando with the big ass guns. Rio knows better than anyone that freedom isn’t free, it always demands it’s price in blood. Even so, he’s grabbing this opportunity with both hands and if he has his way, he might just persuade this ghost that sometimes the dead can have a happy ever after too.

Death and vengeance may make them run… but can love get them out of this war alive?


M/M Military Romance 

To Claim a Ghost

A dead man tells no tales—or so they say—but can he find a happy ever after?


After being declared dead by his country and recruited to an elite team of Black Ops Operators, former Italian Special Forces Consubin Angelo Selvaggio has never fully embraced the life offered to him by The Ghost Protectors. His heart has always yearned for the one he walked away from. Now the only remaining member of his blood family is missing in one of the worst hell holes on earth, to save him, Angelo needs help from the same man he swore he’d stay away from. The man who’s heart he destroyed when he walked away to save both their lives. Is Angelo willing to risk it all to find his brother? Is he willing to cross every line and break every rule for the one he loves? Hell yes, there is no price too high for one last shot at love with the man who owns his heart.

After the loss of his husband in a roadside bomb on the sand strewn streets of Kandahar, Vittorio *Toro* Gambino took refuge in the Tribal Lands of Afghanistan. Using his intelligence skills to be Italy’s eyes and ears on the ground in the Middle East. A phone call from a dead man sends his world spiraling out of control. Everything he believed in —destroyed. Everything he knew as truth—gone. Everything he’d dreamed of is once again at his fingertips if he can get past the hurt and betrayal which burns in his soul. He’s about to find out if he has what it takes

To Claim a Ghost?


M/M Military Romance 

To Tame a Ghost


As a former member of the Canadian Infantry, Danny Reich, has been waiting for someone to tell him that a mistake was made, he didn’t belong, he didn’t measure up, and he needed to go back to his old life. He loved being a Ghost but sometimes the self-doubt inside him caused him to take stupid chances and insane risks. A routine surveillance job on the borders between Russia and Finland was not meant to be what broke him. Operating on Finnish soil is not allowed. Neither is falling in love, but what the heck… if he was going to get booted, he may as well make it epic.

Kill first, ask questions later, has been Samu *Solo* Tikkanen’s motto for as long as he’s been a member of Finland’s elite Utti Jaeger Regiment. When his helo is shot down in remote wilderness near the Russian border, and his whole team dies, he must figure out not only how to go on without his brothers in arms to stand shoulder to shoulder with him as Finland faces invasion from an unknown enemy but also how to trust the laid back easy going Canadian who saved him. This would be so much easier if he could see where the threat to his country is coming from.

With Finland and the whole of Europe at stake, now is not the time for falling in love. There are so many reasons he should stay away from Danny Reich. And so many more why his heart should not be on the table at all. But rules were meant to be twisted and bent, while skimming right on the line between right and wrong, Solo finds it’s impossible to stop his foolish heart from hoping that he can be the one ‘To Tame a Ghost.


M/M Military Romance 

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To Protect a Ghost

Does he have what it takes to protect a Ghost? 

The Ghost Protectors series continues in 2023

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