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Red Squadron


MM Romance


When the battle stops their hearts take over.

Zenko Annabella Stone

Some rules are meant to be broken. Will breaking the ones that aren't cost them everything?

Finding an American civilian in a cave in Syria was not part of his mission brief. Zenko Marks, former Navy SEAL and member of the JSOC Task Force, has no idea who the mysterious man is, but he knows one thing for sure: he’s never left a man behind and he’s not about to start now—particularly one who looks at him with those stunning eyes.

Shaun Jacobson thought his number was up. Getting captured while undercover was never supposed to happen but getting rescued was a statistical impossibility, especially when he technically doesn’t exist on paper. The last thing he expected was a knight in shining Kevlar to ride in to save the day. Zenko is like no one he’s ever met before and while Shaun knows he should keep his distance he can’t help but want the man who rescued him from hell.

Can covert agents from two of the United States’ most secret teams allow their hearts to rule or will a joint mission between the teams cost them everything, their brothers and, worst of all, each other?



Noble Annabella stone

When the battle stops love fights on.

Red Squadron is the tip of the spear in the war against global terrorism. Navy SEAL Commander, Noble Bauer, leads the JSOC Taskforce and knows his team won’t be complete until he finds a Communications Specialist. He knows just the man for the job. The only problem is can he get him to listen. Damn it, why did the best man for the role have to be the one he left behind so long ago?

The last person Max Delgado expected to see while on an Undercover Op is the guy who left him high and dry after his life fell apart. The asshole who left him to pick up the pieces alone when his father was arrested for espionage, while he was still a teenager. Why the hell should he listen to a damn word Noble has to say now?

JSOC wants information they believe Max’s father holds. Max has always wanted answers. Can Noble keep his heart intact and his hands to himself, as he works with the one man guaranteed to make him crazy?

Authors Note: Go back to where Red Squadron began. While most of Noble takes place prior to Zenko in the timeline, to avoid any spoilers it is best read after Zenko.


Don't Let Go

On his last mission, an artery shot nearly killed him. Now Zenko Marks, and the man who owns his heart, Shaun Jacobson have been sent Stateside to recover.

Hearts, flowers, and happy ever after... right?
Snort... nope... bullets, guns, and a terrorist where they least expect it is more their style.

Don't Let Go is 21670 word continuation of Zenko & Shaun's story.

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When the battle stops warriors endure.

drax annabella stone

Drax Mitchell had been one of the rising stars in Delta Force, when a yearlong mission undercover behind enemy lines, cost him the twin he always swore to protect. Being recruited by his brother’s former Navy SEAL commander, to Red Squadron, a JSOC Task Force, allowed Drax to hunt the ones who cost him the only person he ever cared about. After multiple deployments and dangerous missions, Drax is forced to take his accrued leave, he heads to the one place he has felt most at home. Zurich. There he finds more than he ever bargained for, but who forgot to tell him that the hunter has become the hunted?

Noah Sinclair only wanted a quiet drink in his local bar. Overhearing a plot to kidnap the hot dude drinking in the corner, spurred him into action. That conversation in Pashto convinces him these people are looking for revenge. A closer look at their target and Noah knows he will leave no stone unturned to keep his man safe. Even if it means risking everything he has ever worked for. After all life debts should always be paid in full… right?

Take a vacation they said… It will be fun… they said. Drax can tell you fun is NOT on the freaking agenda. Especially as he races through Europe with a damn terrorist on his heels. Can he survive the hunt, deal with the ghosts of his past, and save the most important prize of his life? Noah… the man who ties him up in knots and makes his heart beat just that little bit faster.



roman annabella stone

When the battle stops passion reigns.

Fact: Six years ago, former Force Recon Marine Roman Walsh made the biggest mistake of his life and chose duty to his country over love. Fact: He was an idiot. Now the one he loves is missing, and Roman has only one thing on his mind. Get him back alive. Fact: He will risk everything, even his position at Red Squadron do it or die trying!

Fact: Lucifer Brady has never stopped loving the idiot who ripped out his heart and stomped it into the ground. Fact: When a contract job in the Middle East goes to hell in a handbasket, he never expected Roman to break every rule in the book to be the one to rescue him. Can he trust that Roman won’t walk away again? Fact: His heart tells him to fight with everything that he is to keep the one who makes his heart soar.

When lines are crossed and the world explodes around them, to survive, these two battle hardened warriors must trust in the one thing they swore they would never believe in again—love. They are about to find out, when the battle stops, passion reigns.



When the battle stops the warrior will fall.

saxon annabella stone

Is four days enough for him to convince Saxon that friends with benefits is not enough anymore?


Red Squadron's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist, Saxon Berg, hides his feelings under jokes, quick wit, and snark. The last thing he wants is to fall in love. Friends with benefits suits him just fine, thank you very much. But then fate had to throw him a curveball he never saw coming.

When he was a teenager Rick Jones caused the biggest scandal of his generation by kissing the president's son on the White House lawn. Thrown out of the family and cut off from everything he knew. To survive, Rick took the only option open to him and joined the Navy. Now fifteen years later the battle-hardened former SEAL is tired of the friends with benefits thing he has going on with the sexy EOD from Red Squadron. He wants more. He just needs Saxon to see that they are worth taking a chance on.

Sometimes the line between right and wrong is stark and bleak, and sometimes Fate doesn't even take it into consideration, when she sends the one made just for you. But in an uncertain world, only one thing is guaranteed—when the battle stops the warrior will fall



When the battle stops love conquers all.

reese annabella stone

There is never going to be enough whiskey to kill the burning desire for peace in his soul.

Reese *Peanut* Wagner has spent most of his life fighting for Red Squadron and his adopted country. However, as the child of an illicit relationship between a Russian defector and an US Military Operator, he always felt he never quite deserved to be a member of the elite JSOC Task Force. As tensions rise across Eastern Europe, all intelligence point to his mother yet again changing sides. He must figure out what’s going on and he better do it fast. Compromising his chosen family is not an option, and betraying his country is never going to happen.

Johnny *Whiskey* Walker learned the hard way to trust only himself. Operators and their teams only consider the flag, their country, and following orders. The last time he followed orders he got burned by the CIA and now he’s running for his life from the agents sent to take him out. Rescue comes when he least expects it, from a knight in shining Kevlar disguised as a six-foot-six wall of muscles with a stubborn streak a mile wide and the sexiest freaking backside he's ever had the pleasure to walk behind. But how can he trust someone who fights on the side which wishes him dead? Stupid is never going to be him his wheelhouse.

Sometimes jumping off a cliff requires trusting the one person you know you shouldn’t. Can these two war weary warriors find it within themselves to trust that when the battle stops, love really will conquer all?




When the battle stops love wants to live forever.

castiel annabella stone

What once was strong is broken.

Can what was broken be repaired?

Former SEAL and Operative for the US Government’s elite Red Squadron, Castiel Cunningham Clark has defied the odds more times than he can count. He learned the hard way how fickle fate can be and he’s made it his business to live his life at one speed and one speed only… full steam ahead. Except when it comes to one person. Mike, the man he loved and lost. The man who haunts his dreams. The man who destroyed his soul when he thought he'd lost him forever. For Mike to recover and see who’s right in front of him, Castiel will wait as long as he needs to, even if it tortures the battered fragments of his heart in the process.

Since his rescue, retired SEAL Mike Rios has struggled to find his place. What once was second nature now comes with second guesses and doubts big enough to drive a truck through. How can he trust himself, when the last time he made a split-second decision, it cost him everything? His freedom. His job. His chosen brothers. And most of all, the man who owns his heart… Castiel.

With war on the horizon and everything on the line, Castiel and Mike must learn to trust each other once more. Because in their dangerous world, only one thing is guaranteedwhen the battle stops, love wants to live forever.

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