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Nemesis Inc.


When the US Government needs plausible deniability in a country they shouldn't be in, they call on the expertise of Nemesis Inc. Bravo Team. When the world declares war on the people they love, Rexar, Kentucky, Draven, Caleb, Tate, Bryan, and Susan Stoker's Operation Alpha, Seal Team face danger head on to ensure the ones they protect make it out alive.

(Nemesis Inc. Bravo Team Book 1)

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NAVY SEAL Rexar Mitchell has loved one woman for as long as he can remember. She snuck in under his defenses when he wasn’t looking and claimed his heart for her own. For her birthday, Rexar gave her a wedding ring and a license that made her his forever. Or so he thought. Four years of torture as a prisoner in the infamous Section 209, of Iran’s Evin Prison gave him plenty of time to figure out who betrayed him. The only logical answer was one which made him consider doing something he swore he would never do. Ring the bell, call time on his Navy career, and end it all. But an unexpected rescue put him on a new path—vengeance. Now he just needs to find her.

Lily Yelverton was cursed, she was sure of it. Her husband swore he’d love her forever, then died and left her behind when she needed him most. The loss almost killed her. When she finally managed to pick herself up off the floor of her broken dreams, she had to learn to love again… because her child deserved it. A new name, a new life, Lily thought the danger which haunted her was over. She was wrong. Now her husband is back from the dead, and people from her past are asking questions she doesn’t have answers for.  When word on the grapevine tells her their child is the target of a madman, the only one she can trust with her son’s life is the man who shattered hers...Rexar.

Nemes Inc Bravo Team - Operation Alpha

Cover Design by Golden Czermak

Bravo Team

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