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Delta Force: Team Lynx


(Series Complete)


M/M Military Romance 

Salvation's Sinner

salvations sinner annabella stone

Castello Moran spent his life in Delta Force. The former Team Lynx Commander now leads Task Force Ambra targeting former military personal gone rogue. When a routine job in The Congo leads Castello to the side of himself he had suppressed for a lifetime, will he find the courage to acknowledge it and to claim the mechanic making him forget every rule he had put in place under Don't Ask Don't Tell so long ago?

Axel Shaw keeps his head down and his mouth shut. He has spent his life building bikes. He couldn't care less about drugs on the streets and all that jazz. He is more concerned where his sister and her kid are. Chasing a lead takes him to a country that he never should have been in and his ass in more trouble than he’d ever managed to find before. He takes the rescue Castello and his team offer and he’s grateful for it. But now he has another problem. He really should not be figuring out how fast he can get the sexy assed ex-Delta Operator in his bed... right?

Missions are never easy, and this one is turning more personal by the second. Castello now has more on the line than he has ever had before, and his heart makes him question if his Salvation can really be a Sinner?

Please Note: Sinner is the first book in a series with an overreaching series ARC and a HFN / slight cliffhanger ending.


M/M Military Romance 

Redemption's Rebel

redemptions rebel annabella stone

Two years ago, Navy SEAL Zack McGuire swore to protect a US Navy Cryptologic Technician Interpretive on a routine trip into the heart of the green zone in Kabul. He failed in his mission, shattering the heart of her husband, Marc, his fellow SEAL brother. Unable to deal with his failure, Zack left Teams and wandered for months before being recruited to Task Force Ambra. Now he has a new mission, and a new purpose, to protect the innocent from former military members gone rogue. This time he will not fail.

Marc Colgan has never forgiven the brother in arms who failed to protect the only person he’d ever loved. After losing his wife, he moved clean across the country to escape the nightmares and to avoid shooting the asshole on the street. He once promised his wife he’d stay out of jail at all costs. That promise was the start of his Navy career. But now she’s gone. His time in SEALs is done, he has new job and a new life. He thought he was finally moving on… then temptation moved in just down the street.

Can two broken warriors find the strength to forgive the painful wounds of the past and build a future together? Will survivor’s guilt stop their second chance before it ever gets going?  Just when Zack thinks a happy ever after may be possible, evidence shows, Marc has turned to the dark side in the undercover role he has been assigned by the CIA. With his heart on the line, Zack must figure out if his Redemption really is a Rebel.

M/M Military Romance 

Temptation's Tango

Temptations Tango bella stone

After his K9, Balas, took down an intruder on the White House lawn, former Secret Service agent, Rafe Anderson, didn’t count on his life changing quite so much. With Balas now the face of MWDs across the globe, Rafe lost his faith in the people he worked with when they decided Balas would be better off with a handler who wanted to be in the public eye and not one who shunned notoriety at every opportunity. He swore he’d never serve his country again, and he kept that promise for nine long lonely months until Delta Force Team Lynx offered him a job, using the one thing Rafe could never refuse to sweeten the deal. A chance to have Balas back in his life. Rafe agreed—Lynx delivered—he and Balas are once more a family, a team, and nobody is going to separate them again. With a month of leave in his back pocket, Rafe and Balas are going home to finally buy the house his mother sold before he could afford to buy it. His grandparents’ home in sleepy Pine Bush will make the perfect retreat from the ravages of working in war zones and the horrors of the dirty side of chasing former military members gone rouge…right?

Parker Frost loves his hometown, and unlike his brother, he doesn’t want to shake the dust of Pine Bush off his shoes. He’s happy living over his mom’s garage and working at The Hoot Owl. Slinging beer, running karaoke night, and making people laugh is his jam. If only he could avoid the unwanted advances from the man who keeps asking him out. Seriously, who offers you a thousand bucks a week just to date you? With that insult ringing in his ears, he takes matters into his own hands and begs the hottest man he’s ever seen to pretend they are a couple. Kissing Mr. Sexy Stranger will prove he’s not available, even for that much money…right?

It was only supposed to be one kiss—then one sleepover—now Rafe and Parker must figure out why their hometown is in the crosshairs of a drug lord. But before either can act on the desire pulling them together, Rafe really needs to figure out if his Temptation can really be a Tango.


M/M Military Romance 

Absolution's Assassin

absolutions assassin annabella stone

It's just friends with benefits… it’s a one-night stand… it’s a nobody will ever know… until they do. When are battle lines are drawn and war comes calling for them at home… can Team Lynx survive the fallout, or will this mission be the one which ends them all?

Since leaving the Military, Sage Razlaff, has made it his mission to continue the fight and make the world a safer place for all with a computer as his weapon of choice. He hadn’t quite counted on how hard it would be to be the man calling the shots on Team Lynx’s Ops from the relative safety of their tactical operations center. But his past can never find him here… right? There’s VPNs, weapons, and a whole host of teammates to keep the wall strong and the tangos on the opposite side… even if the wall they are protecting is the one surrounding his heart.

Former FBI and current Team Lynx sniper, Connor Nash has a reputation for trouble which follows him around like a stench he can’t get rid of. Risk-taker. Brazen. Bold. The list is endless. As far as he is concerned, rules are suggestions and not written in stone. They are… right? Wrong… when the proverbial manure hits the fan and a mission coming down the chain of command bypasses his commander and his team, Connor has to figure out not only where the lines are, but who’s on which side of right and wrong. The second those lines blur around the team’s comms tech, all bets are off. He’ll do this job as ordered, but his compliance has a price… Sage’s freedom.

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