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Operation Alpha - Susan Stoker

(Nemesis Inc. Book 0.5)

Will their surprise wedding be their downfall or will it bring them a love that lasts a lifetime?

Navy SEAL Dalton Knight only wants a night drinking with his team brothers. The last thing he expected was to meet the other half of his soul.

Lina Maxwell knew she should have stayed at home. Drinking and dancing is so not her jam. When her drink is spiked, a knight in shining Kevlar insists he marries her to protect her from the demons who haunt her nightmares.


Will their surprise wedding be their downfall, or will it bring them a love that lasts a lifetime?

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Don't Let Go
(Tags of Honor: Red Squadron)

On his last mission, an artery shot nearly killed him. Now Zenko Marks, and the man who owns his heart, Shaun Jacobson have been sent Stateside to recover.

Hearts, flowers, and happy ever after... right?
Snort... nope... bullets, guns, and a terrorist where they least expect it is more their style.

Don't Let Go is 21670 word continuation of Zenko & Shaun's story.

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Delta Force Team Panther Annabella Stone Short Story

They Won't Ask If We Don't Tell
(Delta Force: Team Panther)

For Jonah Montgomery and Matt Garrett, keeping their relationship a secret, under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, is hard. Especially, when their Delta Force – Team Panther brothers also don’t know. The illusion of sharing a condo makes keeping their secret a little easier. However, Matt’s parents have called him home for the weekend and Matt would like Jonah to ‘meet the parents.’

Can Matt persuade Jonah, that Pops and Betty won’t ask… if they don’t tell?

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