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Delta Force Team Panther


(Series Complete)


M/M Military Romance 


Jonah's Compass

Jonah Montgomery and Matt Garrett had it all: Army careers they loved; Team Panther, the men they bonded with as brothers, and each other. But under the shadow of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, everything fell apart when Matt was captured in Afghanistan.

Now five years later, a terrorist seeking revenge has come for Jonah. Will Matt take the opportunity a sniper bullet provides? Can Team Panther find their missing brother in time? Will they stand together or will the love they still have for each other falter under the weight of revenge?

Does their compass really point to true love?


M/M Military Romance 


Tied up in Steele

Steele Givens doesn’t do relationships and he knows better than to fall for a man he rescued during a CIA Operation; but then he’s never been a ‘follow the rules’ kinda man. He always swore he’d never drag someone he cared about into a world of danger. But what do you do, when danger stalks him anyway?

Kalon Roberts wanted to move on. He’s done with danger and Black Ops Operators. But when someone is determined to use him to gain his father's cooperation, the man who comes to save him, is the one who broke his heart.

They should have never met. They should never have been in each other's orbits. But now that they are, Steele will take out everything and everyone in his way to make sure that Kalon makes it out alive.


M/M Military Romance 

Malik's Redemption


Ex- Mossad agent Malik Dahan has lived for years in the shadows, straddling the very fine line between his own moral code and the missions his assassin role required. Two years ago, refusing an order from Mossad's Operations Base near Glilot Junction on the west end of Tel Aviv put him on a collision course with Team Panther. The time has come for Malik to face his demons and the secret he has been hiding. A secret that can rip apart the very essence of everything that is Delta Force – Team Panther.

Zeke Givens seized the chance to escape the mob violence he grew up with to become a Texas ranch hand. Months later the last man he expected to see on the ranch is the hottest one night stand he could ever remember. A man who stole his breath and drew every protective instinct he had to the fore. Zeke will use every dirty trick and all the skills he learned at his father’s knee to protect Malik, even if it means losing the only family he has left. 

Can a one-night stand turn into a Happy Ever After? Malik just needs to stop running long enough to realize that Zeke is his redemption and their happy ever after is right there waiting for them.


M/M/M Military Romance 

Micah's Promise


Micah Kennedy has lived with PTSD for years. He is an expert at hiding his struggles behind the quick wit and snark that is very much a part of his makeup. His need to keep a promise to a dying comrade feeds his nightmares and invades his dreams—until that promise brings him military K-9 Delta.

Hawk McKinnon has spent most of his life kicking trouble’s ass in every hotspot around the globe. Now his sniper hasn’t returned from a CIA sanctioned mission in Pakistan and all bets are off. When Hawk comes calling looking for help, Micah doesn’t hesitate and jumps at the chance to repay a debt. A mission that will set him on a path to the one thing he never knew he was looking for: love!

Creed Erikson cursed the betrayal that caused his capture and vowed vengeance on those responsible. He knew Hawk was coming for him—he never doubted it for a second—but Micah Kennedy and Delta? They threw him for a loop.

Can Micah embrace his destiny, believe in the strengths of the bond of the triad that the fates have created or will he refuse to believe that he too deserves a happily ever after?


M/M Military Romance 


Christmas Panther Style

Their world was turned upside down...

With booms, kabooms, and bullets flying after a mad dash across continents on a rescue mission in a plane painted like Santa's sleigh.

Join some friends old and new as they chase the enemy none of them ever wanted. One of their own. 

Find out who is on the Naughty List this year, in Christmas Panther Style

Christmas Panther Style is part of the Delta Force - Team Panther Series. While it can be read as a standalone... To ensure maximum enjoyment, it is best read in series order.


M/M/F Military Romance - (Co - Author Bella Stone)

Grif's Salvation


Do no harm. It’s a mantra former Delta Force Team Panther medic, Griffin St. Clare, follows to the letter—until someone comes after his family. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe, even if it puts his own life on the line. Grif knows the only way he can fix things, including his own broken heart, is to find his man, bring him home, and open himself to love again, but getting his family back together is going to be a challenge—especially considering his guy is AWOL.

Garrett ‘Rock’ Rockwell is used to dealing with trouble, but betrayal is another matter. After the devastating blow Shar delivered, he thought he would never want another woman in his bed again, but Allie has awoken something in him he can’t explain. Rock loves Grif, but they both know something is missing from their life—a third. Is Allie the right person to fill the hole left behind, or is getting into something new with a teammate’s sister a bad idea?

Allie Kennedy has always loved her bosses. She regretted not taking a chance with them before, but now they are finally free, she is determined to help her two troubled warriors heal. Grif and Rock may have had their hearts hurt, but Allie will prove to them that bruised is not broken.

Their path has never been straight or perfect. Many times, it hasn’t even gone in the right direction, but can Grif and Rock open themselves up to loving more than each other once more? Can Allie get them to trust her enough to give them all one more shot at happily ever after, or will Grif and Rock refuse to see what has been right in front of them all along?


M/M Military Romance 

Jason's Justice


Jason LeHar learned his tracking skills as a kid in the Bayous of Louisiana. Those skills earned him a place on Delta Force Team Panther, and he found the family he chose for himself. When his best friend’s relationship with one of their team commanders was exposed. The world he had built fell apart and he drifted for years, taking one Government sanctioned job after another, until one man called him home, with a single short sentence, “Panther needs you.”

James “Fritz” Blackwell, as a former Delta Force Commander, and leader of the team who rescued Matt Garrett in Afghanistan. He carries the guilt of having exposed Jonah and Matt’s relationship, causing their discharge and the reassignments of all Team Panther members. Now as more secrets are exposed and bullets start to fly once again, can he convince the stubborn man he loves that everyone deserves a second chance?

It is one thing to go to war for your country, it's a whole different ball game when the ones you are fighting for are the ones you love more than life itself. After years of betrayals, backlash, and battles, everything Delta Force Team Panther has fought for is at stake, including the ones they love. Jason and Fritz will need to face the ghosts of their pasts and fight together to have the happy ever after they both crave, but are too stubborn to admit to.


Please Note: 

All the books in this series follow a team of former operators as they find the other half of their hearts . We see glimpses of each couple's romance story throughout the series. Therefore, Delta Force Team Panther is best read in series order. 

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