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Tags Of Honor


M/M Military Romance 

Tags of Honor is divided into color-coded line squadrons:

  • Red Squadron (Assault)

  • Black Squadron (Intelligence, Reconnaissance, & Surveillance)

tags of honor red squadron annabella stone zenko
tags of honor black squadron annabella stone

Tags of Honor is very similar to a typical SEAL troop in that the manning structure is spread out in qualifications. Not all Tags of Honor Operators are medics; not all Operators are snipers; not all Operators are ODV (Operator Delivery Vehicle) operators. Not all Operators will be K-9 handlers. There is a wide variety of qualifications that will never be assimilated to every operator.

There are some base skillsets that all Operators will have: They will all be Combat Swimmers, they will all be Parachute qualified (which is wide-ranging in itself). Each Squadron in Tags of Honor is going to have operators that are specially qualified in sniping. Even though they have the sniper qualifications, that doesn’t mean that is all they will ever do. 

Their full mission is classified, and secrecy about Tags of Honor is legendary. Still, it is known that their mission is thought to include preemptive, pro-active counter-terrorist operations, counter-proliferation (efforts to prevent the spread of both conventional weapons and WMD), as well as the elimination or recovery of high-value targets (HVTs) from hostile or unfriendly nations and territories.

Red Squadron Commander: Noble Bauer 

Black Squadron Commander: Claudio Stancanpiano 

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