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The Four X's Group Protector Romance

War doesn't forge heroes... reveals them.

(The Four Xs Group, Book 1)

The Four Xs Group - Gunnar - Bella Stone

War doesn’t forge heroes, it reveals them.

Former SEAL, Gunnar McKinley knows better than most that war also reveals the flaws in marriages—leading to divorce Running a multi-billion-dollar government contracting agency doesn’t exactly lend itself to happily ever after, either. He has his brothers, his business, his teams… more than any man could ask for. He has everything except for someone to love. He also has a target on his back.

Jorja Buchanan loves her life. Searching for antiques and attending rare painting auctions is her jam, and she’s good at it. Especially when it involves hacking into places she shouldn’t be. Auction houses, websites, listings… just give her a name and she’ll get you on the bidder’s list. Her life is going as she wants until she has to dig deeper and finds a list of names that will lead her back to a man from her past—if she can reach him in time.

Gunnar’s been burned before and Jorja’s not looking for love… but finding each other is exactly what their hearts need. As desire turns to passionate love, the danger grows. Can they survive the fallout from the list which brought them together?

(The Four Xs Group, Book 2)

2 - The Four Xs Group ebook.jpg

War doesn’t forge heroes, it reveals them.

Former SEAL, and communication specialist for The Four X’s Group—a paramilitary organization he runs with his brothers, Remi *Zipper* McKinley has slammed the lid shut on the box he stuffed his heart into. He chained that puppy up, slapped on a padlock, and tossed the key away with prejudice. Never again will he allow flowery words and empty promises to dictate his future. Love, feelings, and happy ever after are not for him. The only thing a wife brings is pain, betrayal, and a bank balance with a big fat zero. Been there, done that, and he’s got the damn t-shirt.

For Serena Wayland the chance of vacationing on safari within her budget was too good to pass up. Her first clue something was wrong was when the destination changed, her second when her friend and traveling companion disappeared, and her third when she was abandoned by her guides in Uganda. Unless those gorillas watching her every move, have a phone and will let her use it—she’s up a certain creek and paddles didn’t come as part of her package deal. 

A favor for a friend sends Remi on the trail of a missing woman, the one he finds is not on his list. But his honor won’t allow him to leave Serena to fend for herself. He’s everything she ever desired. She’s everything he never knew his soul needed. But can Serena convince Remi she’ll protect his heart as fiercely as he protects his country?

A woman in need, a man in pain and the only thing which can truly save them—the courage to face the greatest risk of all: love. 

(The Four Xs Group, Book 3)

Colt - The Four X's Group - Bella Stone - Military Romance

Colt McKinley's story is coming in 2024

(The Four Xs Group, Book 4)

Talon - The Four X's Group - Bella Stone

Talon McKinley's story is coming in 2024

(The Four Xs Group, Book 5)

Marco cover reveal.jpg

Midas's story is coming in 2025

(The Four Xs Group, Book 6)

Levi cover reveal.jpg

Nemo's story is coming in 2025

(The Four Xs Group, Book 7)

Tyrone cover reveal.jpg

Zorro's story is coming in 2025

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