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Operation Magma

Prequel Novella

An Operation Volcano Prequel Novella

Operation Magma by Annabella Stone

Taylor *Trace* Reeves has served in various branches of the military, and in multiple human wars over his life time which spans millennia. Once the faithful hound of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Trace continues to protect the innocent and fight the wars of man. He will continue to keep his presence a secret from humans, even the ones he calls brothers.


Over time, the return of Fionn and The Fianna has faded out of the memories of man and into their myths and legends. Yet Trace and his wolf, Bran, still wait for the sound of the Dord Fiann, the hunting horn of the Fianna, to sound three times. 

When the call comes, The Fianna will arise and Trace and Bran will once more be the hound of The High King. Until then, his mission is to keep the men he guards alive, by any means necessary. 

Releasing in 2024

Operation Caldera

 Operation Volcano #1

Operation Caldera Annabella stone, PNR Military Romance, MM Romantic Suspense.

Navy SEAL Kelvin *Viper* Dare was born to be a frogman. He’s pretty much seen it all over his ten-year career and nothing surprises him anymore. Nothing except an unexpected natural disaster, which sends his team’s latest mission to hell in a hand basket. Volcanic blasts were not even on his radar when he and his men deployed to search for the latest terrorist to dare bring war to US soil. Now he must figure out how the hell he can protect not only his team, but also the American they find deep in the cave system which offers their only chance of survival.

Archaeologist Howard Sutherland was supposed to be on the trip of a lifetime, to study the ancient markings found at a cave entrance on an unnamed island in the Indian Ocean. The further into the cave he moves, and the more of the witch symbols he deciphers, the louder the island rumbles and shakes under his feet. He may not be able to see what is happening on the surface, but the sudden appearance of a Special Ops team, and its growly, bossy leader, tells him things are very, very wrong.

Can two people with so many differences really join forces and make a deal with the High King of the Fianna to ensure they all survive the pyroclastic flow? Are the special effects they are gifted for helping him escape his prison worth living for, or will Fionn Mac Cumhaill have the last laugh as he watches them come to grips with their new reality?

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