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MF Romance Book Recommendations
If you love my books you may the enjoy the series listed below...

Riley Edwards

Riley Edwards is in my humble opinion, the queen of Military Romance. If you like your alpha males, scorching hot, with a couple of sides of possessiveness, snark, and swoonworthiness... then welcome to the rabbit hole that is Riley Edwards Romance. I recommend you start with.. 


Susan Stoker

If you ask for a military romance recommendation on any social media platform, is that list even complete with the awesome Susan Stoker included. If you have read my REXAR, then you have been introduced to Susan's Chaaracters from her SEALs of Protection series. I recommend you start with.. 


Kris Michaels

Kris Micaels has built a whole bingeworthy universe. You are going to need days if not weeks to recover from the book hangovers. Always on my 1-click list, I don't even need a cover or a blurb, just give me the next book STAT. I recommend you start with.. 


Kim Mills

As a Canadian MILSO, Kim Mills brings us swoony heroes and the families who love them. Have tissues handy as her stories tug at the heartstrings and give a refreshing view of Canadian Military heroes. I never want one of these books to end and always want more. I recommend you start with...


Olivia Michaels

Don't you just love when you find a new author whose books you can really get into? Olivia Michaels was that author for me. Holy smokes ladies grab some fans and ice, as Olivia Michaels brings us smoking hot heroes and stroylines which keep you up way past your bedtime because you need to know what happens next. I recommend you start with...



If you love your military romances fast-paced and off the charts hot, then Caitlyn o'Leary has a story for you. I've been a fan since 2015 and even now I still want more. Fall in love with a hero, and cheer for their ladies, on wild rides to hard won Happy Ever Afters. I recommend you start with...


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