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MM Romance Book Recommendations
If you love my books you may the enjoy the series listed below...

E.M. Leya

Emma Lyea pulls no punches with the bad guys while balancing it with the hotness of her main characters. Save the Kids is an addictive series, I am always waiting for the next book. I love how all these somewhat broken men can find their happy ever afters and I recommend you start with.. 


Hannah Walker

If you love your heroes off the planet inferno hot, then pick up a Hannah Walker book. Her world building is epic, and her characters diverse, fun, snark filled, and oh so yummy,  I recommend you start with.. 


Kris Michaels

What MM recommendation list from me would be anything without the book which introduced me to the genre. Jared swept me away in a romance with spoke to my soul, and it's still at the top of my reread list. I highly recommend it.


RJ Scott

Shortly after discovering MM as a genre, I went on a binge read and discovered the wonderful RJ Scott. RJ, gives us stories filled with heart, heat, found families, and happy ever afters. I recommend you start with...

The Heart Of Texas

Annabelle Jacobs

If you love a good werewolf series, filled with drama, trouble, and happy ever afters, then Regent's Park Pack series is the one for you. Set in the UK it takes us on a wild ride as each pack member finds their mate. I recommend you start with...


Kindle Alexander

My love of military romance and my newly discovered love of the MM genre led me to the fabulous Kindle Alexander who provides us with stories filled with passion, stellar storytelling, and brilliantly crafted MC's I recommend you start with...


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