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M/M Military Romance 

Jonah's Compass

MM Romance

Does their compass really point to true love?

Jonah Montgomery thought he had it all, an Army career he loved, Team Panther the men he’d bonded with as brothers, and, Matt, the man who owned his heart. But under the shadow of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, everything fell apart when Matt was captured in Afghanistan. It’s taken him five years to reinvent himself and to build a new life as country music’s singing soldier. All he needs and wants is his music and his sniper rifle, there’s no longer any room in his life for matters of the heart.

It was official PTSD sucked, it caused Matt Garrett to make the biggest mistake of his life. He shut down when he should have opened up, and he ran from Jonah when he should have talked to him instead. By the time he figured out which way was up, too much time had passed to fix the wrongs between him and the only man he’s ever loved. He learned to suck it up and to figure out how this living thing worked without Jonah at his side.

Now five years later a terrorist seeking revenge has come for Jonah. Will Matt take the opportunity a sniper’s bullet provides? Can Team Panther find their missing brother in time? Will Matt and Jonah stand together or will the love they still have for each other falter under the weight of revenge?

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